Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan 


This is established in IRC 105 and it allows an employer to share the cost of qualified expenses with employees and their families for medical, dental, vision and a variety of other charges. This is not an HRA. It is like an HRA, but much easier to setup and manage.


What is it?

A MERP can be used by an employer to enhance their health benefits. With Out-of-Pocket Maximums as high as $6850 per year, most people cannot afford to pay their share of a large claim. This allows an employer to share part of the cost.


Choose an amount of benefit that reduces the out-of-pocket amount to the employee. This is very flexible. You can structure the amount, and level of reimbursement.*


*all employees must be treated equally.


Flexible Design

Easy to setup. 

Easy to manage.

Easy to pay for.


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